Doctor Who 50th

Spoilers. Indirect kinda.

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It was very Moffat, of course, but unlike most of s5 and s6 it worked for me. I think the reason is that, unlike the last few seasons, he went into this story with a purpose. The time war was a wound at the heart of the show - and probably a necessary one, certainly a powerful and interesting one - but it was also a fissure that the show just couldn't escape. Returning to this dark action had been the core issue at the end of Eccleston's era and again at the end of Tennant's era, and obviously I had reservations about Moffat going to the same well at the end of Smith's era.

But Moffat's purpose was not to try, a third time, to heal the wound so the show could move on - bound to fail once again - but instead to unmake the act of wounding and give the show a new core. It was an audacious plan, rife with technical and thematic complexities, and that's the kind of challenge that plays to Moffat's strengths. He nailed it.*

And in doing so he opens up a fourth great movement of Doctor Who**. I'm excited to see what Capaldi does with the role, and what the role does with him. We just need to make it through the Trenzalore Silence Will Fall thing first, which, argh. My hopes are low.

* That said, he didn't navigate all the continuity complexities - that was never his strength. But Doctor Who doesn't really have continuity anyway.

** First movement: mysterious wanderer through space and time (63-69); second movement: antiestablishment ruffian shadowed by the power of his stentorian home (70-89); second-and-a-half movement: the breakdown and shattering of one narrative into many, the unmaking in order to be recreated (1990-2005); third movement: the wounded lonely wanderer endlessly seeking connection (2005-2013); fourth movement: the profoundly changed visionary on a hero quest to return to, and remake, his home (2014-?).

Chicago By Night!

If anyone comes across a cheaply NZ-accessible copy of the RPG books Chicago By Night (1st edition), The Succubus Club, or the compilation of the two (Chicago Chronicles Vol 1), let me know. The run of classic World of Darkness readalongs on RPGnet have me hankering after my long-lost copy of the compilation.

Also Werewolf Second Edition, I guess, while I'm looking to replace lost books.

(By cheap I mean really quite cheap.)

That Gaiman Who Ep

Again - a bit bemused by the gushing I'm seeing all over. I've seen more than one person say "best episode of Who evar" and "make Neil write every episode!" But huh?

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Don't get me wrong, it was certainly a good episode. But given the above, it really wasn't a great episode. Was it?

And also. Last year I moaned that two of the only good ideas I had for Doctor Who novels had been stolen (STOLEN!) by the new TV series. Now it's ripping off my short stories as well! Blimey! (If you clicky, forgive the somewhat breathless purple-hued prose - I was so very very young...)

Earthquake Bundle

(cross-posting from Gametime, for obvious reasons - this is about support from the global tabletop RPG community, if you're part of that, then here's a great way to spend US$20)

Delighted by the OneBookShelf relief bundle for the Christchurch Earthquake. Lots of efforts going on behind the scenes to make this happen - huge thanks to Matt McElroy at OBS, and Gregor Hutton & Gareth-Michael Skarka for driving the conversation.

_So_ much good stuff generously offered by publishers!

And from Kiwis - there's NZ company RedBrick's Earthdawn novel, & Silver Kiss, & Al-Shir Ma, & my adventure for ICONS... and Cold City and Remember Tomorrow from our Scottish honorary-Kiwi contingent...

(I don't even want to start writing about the earthquake itself. It still feels unreal. Enough to say that every bit of support is hugely appreciated.)

Get the bundle here: